Thursday, September 9, 2010

Why female athletes pose in the nude?

Some opposers say that the necessity of females posing in the nude is so the sales of their magazines or other products will sell more or have more ratings. sex sells. yes it does but why? why do we have to sell ourselves to the media through sexual appearances in athletics instead of by our talent? professional athletes are in the pros as a career, as a way to make money, but why do they have to expose themselves provocatively? it is because people are more attracted to sex than to the actually media of sports when it comes to reading say a magazine or an article online. people don't want to read these days unless it is something "interesting" such as sexual poses or nude pictures. it may be debated that the professional athletes make so much money that they should do whatever they want to i.e. pose nude but when it comes to female athletes, is that down grading our sports and our abilities to prove that we are professional and athletic? i think that it is unnecessary to pose nude to gain ratings from the media that women should just prove themselves professionally to be taken seriously in the athletics department of their careers. some other women may pose nude as their career on porn videos or even as models for say playboy but that "is" their profession. they are paid to do that and that's the career they went into. athletes get paid to do it as well but if women are trying to promote our athletics as well as that we have the ability to be as successful as men's sports then we shouldn't have to "sell" ourselves to the media to get support. we should be supported because we are great athletes as well as for that we, as women, have fought so hard to have women sports so we should support it! what do you think? do you take female athletes seriously when they pose nude in a magazine?
-Chelsea Castaneto
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